Jeff Shoemaker

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Jeff Shoemaker, Allied Locke’s vice president of manufacturing, believes that, “Without furthering my education, I wouldn’t be in this position today.”

While working at Allied Locke, Jeff pursued his degree at Sauk. “It was really beneficial to be able to take night classes so that I could continue to work.” He added, “My classes rounded things out for me and helped me decide what I wanted to do.” Jeff graduated from Sauk in 1992 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. After returning to Allied Locke and years of “hard work,” Jeff was eventually promoted to vice president.

As vice president, overseeing 400 employees, Jeff believes strongly in the importance of continuing education in the manufacturing industry. When he heard that an employee had doubts about the connection between taking courses and his job, Jeff helped connect that employee with a Sauk counselor. The counselor was able to show the value of a Sauk education and the benefit that skills learned at Sauk would have in the workplace.

About the bond between area businesses and Sauk Jeff shares, “In manufacturing, technology is constantly changing; area businesses need to be aware of [continuing education’s] importance, be involved with Sauk, and give input and direction to get the best return from training and manufacturing programs at [Sauk].”